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Web presence

Ranking high on search engines is essential. It will boost the visibility of your property and attract as many potential buyers as possible. More than 90% of property searches are now done on the Web – more than half of which are from a mobile device.

My professional site is mobile-friendly and indexed to rank high on search engines. As a marketing tool, it’s indispensable and effective.

Réseaux sociaux

Social networks

In addition to the visibility you receive from my professional site, I actively promote your property on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram. Thanks to user interaction and sharing, the visibility of your listing will go even further.

Brochures illustrées

Illustrated brochures

Creating an illustrated brochure allows you to convey all of the features of your home in a professional and esthetic way. My eye-catching and informative Info-Residence brochures are on of the key secrets to successfully marketing your property.

Imprimés promotionnels

Promotional prints


Traditional media continue to play an important role. A well-positioned ad in a newspaper with a large readership will attract a lot of eyes.


Nothing beats highly targeted advertising. A real estate mailer is the surest way to reach thousands of people in a specific area. News that your property is for sale will spread like wildfire.

This strategy will be enhanced with the other marketing initiatives in my toolbox.

Superbes photos de votre propriété

Stunning photos or your home!

A picture is worth a thousand words.

That’s why I have partnered with experts who specialize in real estate photography. Professionnal photos will put your property in its very best light.

Always striving to offer a winning marketing, each property entrusted to me will receive a video!
How to prepare your home for the arrival of the photographer (PDF)

Home staging

Each property will benefit from a complete and personalized Home Staging service.

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